Kuthba sermons delivered by Mufti Naeem Ali, Imam of Oxley/Darra Masjid Brisbane Australia.

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Kuthba sermon topics -

The quality of our prophet

Believers deeds will be accepted without rejection

BaitUllah is the first house

Hajj a lifetime journey

Fasting in Shawaal

Obligation of Zakath

The night of power

Ramadan is a blessing from Allah

Moon sighting is from the sunnah of the Prophet

Honouring the month of Ramadan

Significance of Shabaan and Ramadan

Importance of 15th of Shabaan

Honour the month of Shabaan

Make you religion simple

Haste towards forgiveness and paradise

Virtues of the month of Rajab

Strenuous life for those who turn away from Allah

Allah’s disgrace will continue until we get back to our Dean

The beautiful conduct of prophet Muhammad

The importance of tolerance in Islam

Why Allah created us as human beings

Wisdom behind prohibition of Alcohol in Islam

The ultimate goal is to earn the pleasure of Allah

Benefit of sitting in the gathering

The Ocean of Dunya

Salat the pillar of Islam

The lesson from the story of Karbala

10th Day and the significance of Muharram

Journey towards Akhirah

The sacrifice of Ibrahim alaisalam part 2

The sacrifice of Ibrahim alaisalam part 1

The importance of preparation before salah

Journey to Hajj

Reason for the ummah’s degeneration

Obligation of Hajj

Virtues of fasting in Shawaal

The importance of Zakath

The night of power

The importance of Dua

Virtues of Ramadan by Mufti Naeem Ali